Author: Robin Armstrong

Chanting New Moon in Aries

An evening of chanting in celebration of spring. Chanting will help to calm down the impulses and passions of spring and help to create more peaceful initiatives.

Chanting New Moon Eclipse in Pisces

An evening of chanting on the new moon eclipse of Pisces. New Moons are the seed moments of each month. This is very good for chanting as sensitivity is increased. Chanting on an eclipse increases the intensity and inner sensitivities. The effects are more profound and last for a much longer time.

Chanting New Moon in Aquarius

Only one track recorded. This is a call and response chant with each person taking the lead in turn around the circle.

Chanting New Moon in Capricorn

An evening of chanting on the new moon in Capricorn. The New Moon is the seed moment of the month, the time of greatest sensitivity and receptivity. Chanting on a new moon creates a protecting aura for the month ahead.

Chanting Winter Solstice 2006

An evening of chanting on the solstice Dec. 21, 2006. The winter solstice is the longest night of the year, a silent night, a holy night, a time when receptivity is at its greatest.

Chanting in Haliburton

An evening of chanting in Haliburton. June 10, 2006

Expressions of Solitude

Robin Armstrong chanting. An example of his morning meditation in 2000.


Robin Armstrong discusses his during 13 months continuous solitude chanting in in India

Experiences in Solitude

Robin Armstrong discusses his experiences of 13 months continuous solitude chanting in southern India

Hari Om Morning Chant

Sending Hari Om to everyone you have a connection to is a great way to start the day!