My Time in the Dark Room


by Bina Desai

(Translated from the Gujarati magazine “ Haribhav” Sept. 2001)

The experiment of the Dark Room created by Pujya Shree Mota is unique in the whole world. In the dark room, one problem that arises is due to the perspirations and dirtiness inside body that comes out  and we are challenged to keep chanting whole time. We can feel good also. If we have some diseases, we usually go to doctor but here inside the dark room, Pujya Mota removes diseases of our body as well as our mind. I hope to come here thrice a year. Here Pujya Shree gives us the power to stay inside.
I appreciate the treatment given to me by Hari Om Ashram while in the dark room. The work is done by volunteers. It is also very cheap, 5 Indian rupees per day for pure and vegetarian lodging. They are very polite and speak softly.