Written Chanting

Written Chanting

by Robin Armstrong

Hari Om written  Japa

Hari Om hand written 648 times

There are many ways to establish your mantra in your heart and mind, so that it can function continuously. When your consciousness of the mantra becomes permanent and continuous 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, you are There! Anything that helps to increase your emotional identification and familiarity with God and your mantra, will further the intensity of your sadhana. Chanting vocally out loud is the first and most common way. Humming your chant quietly to yourself when you cannot vocalize is the second method. The third means of chanting is mentally. Mental chanting is very powerful, but unless you are firmly concentrated in this process the mind can wander. If it does, then return to chanting out loud.

Another way to increase your relationship to your mantra is to write it out. The most common method is simply writing out lines of your mantra. Take a blank sheet and start hand writing Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om……..  Continue writing until the entire page is filled. The result is a visual document or testament of your chanting. It will have a very powerful visual effect on you and your environment. It will have a healing vibration that affirms the Spirit.
These lines can also be written out into symbolical designs or images, making a picture of your mantra. The challenge for this issue of the newsletter is for you to write out a page of Hari Om, or whatever mantra you may be using. Attached is an example of one page of Hari Om written out 648 times. If you can chant out loud while you are writing, you will double up your sadhana and increase the effect again.