Benefits of Japa

Excerpts for Japa Yoga by Swami Sivananda (p.20)

Silent repetition of God’s Name, Hari Om, or Sri Ram, is a tremendous tonic and potent specific for all diseases. It should never be stopped even for a day under any circumstances. It is like food. It is a spiritual food for the hungry soul. Lord Jesus says: “You can hardly live on bread alone; but you can live on the Name of God alone”. You can drink and live on the nectar that flows during Japa and meditation. Even simple mechanical repetition of a Mantra has got a very great effect. It purifies the mind. It serves as a gate-keeper. It gives intimations to you whenever some worldly thoughts enter the mind. At once you can drive those thoughts and do Smarana of the Mantra. Even during mechanical repetition, a portion of the mind is there at work with it.