A Challenge is Issued! Hari Om Hari Om 1

Hindu symbols for Hari Om
Gujarati symbols for Hari Om

The challenge is issued for chanting Hari Om. This is a republishing of our first newsletter. It has evolved from a group of spiritual seekers who have been actively chanting Hari Om and meeting once a month on Full Moons to chant God’s name together, and to read a chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. This is the eighteenth month of our getting together and we a just completing our first study of the Gita.

It is said that in this Age of Kali or Age of Darkness and quarreling, chanting God’s name repetitively is the most direct and successful way to enlightenment or at-One-ment. The vibrations of the chanting will overpower the control of the mind and the ego and allow one to come into Being.

After one’s first experience of chanting, there might be an inkling of the path ahead, but it is likely to be a flickering light. The next challenge becomes how to increase the experience.

The final goal is to be always chanting 24 hours a day and then to become one with God. However the attempt to chant all the time is bound to fail on the first attempts. What is suggested is that one cultivates a regular time slot each day for chanting and maintain it!

If one could chant for five minutes when one wakes up and five minutes before going to sleep, and this was done consistently every day, you would find that there is a light or moment of clarity,  developing between the waking dream and the sleeping dream, and also between the sleeping dream and the waking dream. As one proceeds regularly in this manner, one begins to anticipate the chanting before it starts and to contemplate it after one finishes. It is as if there are two pillars of silent reverence standing erect between the two halves of each day!  If one can continue for 3 months without breaking the sequential chain, one will find that between the actual chanting, and the anticipation in advance, and contemplation following it a complete sphere of light or the aura of chanting will encompass you and protect you. After three months you will still not see the forward movement, but you will distinctly realize that you have come a considerable distance on your path to a new life and to God. After three months one could then try to increase the amount of time spent chanting each day from five minutes a session to ten minutes, and so on. It is not suggested that you try too long a period at first. It is far better to have a sense of success in your own regular daily discipline, than to have a great couple of days and long periods of darkness.

Remember that until you have done three months regularly chanting every morning and night, you will not likely be able to witness the changes within yourself.

A challenge is issued hereby to all who read this…… are you ready to try three months of chanting?
In this newsletter there will be added information about Mota Maharaj and the lineage of Masters who have chanted Hari Om and/or found enlightenment. There will also be news about the Solitude Rooms, where one can increase and intensify one’s spiritual efforts.