The Life and Sadhana of Mota Maharaj (Bhagat)5

Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj
Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj

The Life and Sadhana of Mota Maharaj (Bhagat)

This is an excerpt from a 99 page document put out by the Hariwani Trust entitled “Pujya Mota Jeevan Darshan”. This document is a full biography of Mota, complete with pictures. The author is not mentioned. Their website is

In response to the unexpressed prayer of Shree Chunilal’s heart, Balayogiji did come to Nadiad, but without any previous notice. Chunilal was just then at the Nadiad station about to go to Mirakhedi, via Dohad, a village in the Panchmahal District, to attend the Managing Committee of the Antyaja Seva Mandal. He had even bought a railway ticket to start by the morning train. Just as he was about to go to take his seat in the train, he was amazed by the most unexpected sight  to see the Balayogiji, who was quietly sitting in a corner near the platform.
A welcome shower in scorching summer! Not minding quaint looks of criticism, he fell down prostate on the platform at the Balayogiji’s feet. The latter ordered him to return the ticket. Chunilal was certain that his unuttered desire was fulfilled by the Balyogiji Maharaj and that the Maharaj thus gave him a fresh proof of his powers of penetrating into the innermost recesses of a man’s mind. He immediately obeyed, wired to Dohad his inability to be present at the meeting in Mirakhedi and came back home with Balayogiji, for whom he spared a room on the upper floor of his house.  Balayogiji was at that time at the top of his form-full of the inebriation of Love Divine. He would cut capers and dance and jumped as his fancy caught him. He told Chunilal: “I have come to initiate you. I want, in a beautiful solitary place, a big wholly vacant house on the bank of a desolate pond.” Chunilal was then staying in a small house at Narakhi Pole in Nadiad.

A Bombshell

Guru of Mota: Balayogiji
Guru of Mota: Balayogiji

Naturally, this exorbitant demand from Balayogiji seemed to poor Chunilal like a bombshell on him. With tremor in his voice he raised a mild protest, but was met with a strict silencing look right through. In a pensive mood, therefore, as it was his time to go for the school, fanatical with wonder as to how to satisfy those impossible conditions and regain his would-be Guru’s grace. Chunilal started for Marida Bhagole (bhagole-locality) where the school was located
On his way to school Chunilal had to pass through the locality of Bohras (a Muslim sect). In pursuance of the Gandhian principle of Hindu-Muslim unity, of ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself,’ he never failed on his way to the school, to accost a friend, a Muslim gentleman, Kasambhai and salute him in the Islamic fashion of ‘Assalaam Alayakum.’ On that day, however, in his dejected absorption he forgot it. Kasambhai was amazed.” O, Bhagat (Chunilal had adopted this surname, to emulate his father.)!” he cried out! “What’s wrong with you? What ails you? Why these knitted brows? You never silently pass by!”
With a courteous apology Chunilal explained the reason – the fantastic want of his Murshid (Guru). Kasambhai laughed. “Is that all, Simple enough, Why, there is my bungalow ‘Hajimanzil’. A big bungalow, in a solitary place on the bank of Ramtalavadi (a pond) to boot- just the place your Murshid asks for.” Chunilal’s face brightened up, but soon it fell again. “But…. but the rent?” he faltered; “beyond my means.” Kasambhai reassured him. “Don’t you worry. Your Olia (Muslim word for saint) and you can stay there as long as you like. Rent for one such as he! Forget it.”
The joy that Chunilal felt at the solution was so great that he had a strong urge to run back to his house, fall at the feet of his Guru, and tell him the startling good news. But even at the height of that upsurge, he had a deep stinging consciousness of his duty at that particular moment. It enabled him to resist the temptation. He continued his walk to attend to the work allotted to him. He went to his school at Marida Bhagole (bhagole-locality), performed his duty for the fixed hours and then returned home. Instantly, he narrated the whole story. Chunilal and Balayogiji then  went to stay in Kasamsaheb’s bungalow and he was initiated in sadhana by Balayogiji.

Formal Initiation
On the Vasantpanchami day (the fifth of the bright half of lunar fourth month, Magh regarded as an auspicious day) in the Vikram year 1980 (1924 AD). Chunilal was initiated and his regular sadhana under the Guru’s direct guidance began. His day -time hours even then were usually spent on the routine, including his schoolwork from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the nights were devoted to the Guru. On the very first day Chunilal was asked to concentrate on the spot between the brows, and seriously warned that no thoughts were to be allowed to occur. In that attempt Chunilal failed, for thoughts are born rebels. They do not cease to come, do what one may Balayogiji was desperate. He took an iron bar that was at hand and thrust its end at that particular spot. The sudden onslaught made Chunilal entirely unconscious to outer things. When he came to himself, he thought that he had recovered consciousness in about 15 to 20 minutes, but in fact Chunilal had spent three days in a state of complete inner consciousness and oblivion of time, space and body, i.e. in samadhi.