Repetition of a Divine Name

Repetition of a Divine Name, by Baba Haridas

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Baba Hari Das
Baba Hari Das


Quote of Babaji‘s:
“Repetition of a divine name
or a sacred syllable
brings the mind into the present
where there is no past or future,
only divine presence.”

“These Kirtans are mantras. By repeating those names, it creates an automatic pranayama, which purifies the mind. The emotions are purified and the mind stays on one spiritual object. It develops devotion. The ragas are fixed in such a way that it charges the atmosphere with spiritual energy. It makes a deep print in the mind, which brings the memory of God whenever there is sadness, pain, or any trouble.”

“It doesn’t matter which name you use. Faith devotion and one-pointed concentration are what counts. In all different names, the same reality.”