The Mind, by Shri Mota Maharaj

The Mind, by Shri Mota

(translated from Guarati by Hemantkumar Nilkanth)

This is a forward to Mota’s poem “To The Mind”.

Om-1    Mind is boundless and has many phases. For the mind to get involved in the activity of life’s evolution is not a small matter and even when it appears to cooperate it may slip away at any time. Its stimulation is so great that it remains active to appear almost as the truth. To perceive the trends of the mind and to determine their constructive or negative nature is difficult. Equally difficult is to remain balanced during its dynamic, active and completely spiritually awakened state as also during an equally powerful and volcanic emotion to know and understand life.
Mind indulges in varied delusions, has many knots and prepossessions in understanding things. All these can be transformed, provided the mind is inclined favourably to life’s development and is ready to function with knowledge and devotion in a continuous awakened state.
Shree Mota