Benefits of Japa I

Benefits of  Japa I

Excerpts for Japa Yoga by Swami Sivananda

Swami SivanandaJapa checks the force of the thought-current moving towards objects. It forces the mind to move towards God, towards the attainment of eternal bliss. It eventually helps to have Darsana of God. The Mantra Chaitanya is hidden in every Mantra. Whenever the Sadhaka or spiritual aspirant shows lack of vigour in his Sadhana the Mantra-Sakti or power of the Mantra reinforces the Sadhana-Sakti of the Sadhaka. Constant and prolonged repetition for some months cuts new grooves in the mind and the brain.
During Japa all the divine qualities steadily flow into your mind from the Lord just as oil flows from one vessel to another vessel. Japa transforms the nature of the mind. It fills the mind with Sattva.
Japa changes the mental substance from passion to purity, from Rajas to Sattva. It calms and strengthens the mind. It makes the mind introspective. It checks the outgoing tendencies of the mind. It eradicates all kinds of evil thoughts and inclinations. It induces determination and austerity. Eventually it leads to the direct Darsana of God, the Ista Devata, or tutelary Deity, or to God-realisation.