Chanting I Ching By Steps

Chanting I Ching is a simple example of chanting each level of the I Ching.

Level 1 has two chants for the broken and the solid lines, just Hari and Om

Level 2 has four chants for the four seasons and four grandparents, Om Hari, Om Om, Nari Om, and Hari Hari.

Level 3 has 8 chants for the 8 trigrams: Om Hari Hari, Om Hari Om, Om Om Hari, Om Om Om, Hari Om Om, Hari Om Hari, Hari Hari Om, and Hari Hari Hari.

Level four has 16 chants for the four lines from top to bottom.

Level 5 has 32 chants for the five lines.

Level 6 has 64 chants for the six line totems and for the 64 hexagrams.

These are chanted in sequence so that you can learn to chant alone and eventually memorize them.