Why Prayer? by Shri Mota Maharaj

Why Prayer?

by Shri Mota Maharaj

saints-Maharaj-Mota-8   Prayer is for making our mind clean and clear. It is the best means for this purpose. Just as dirt is cleared by washing clothes in water, the dirt of the mind is cleared by prayer to God done heartily. The intellect and the vital being become pure, and in such prayerful intellect, mind and vital being remain clean and pure. So the habit of prayer is the best and is always necessary. As one should bathe daily to keep the body clean, one should pray daily to keep the mind clean. It must be done from the very depth of one’s heart. It must not be done as a mechanical habit or as some sort of a ritual. It must be done with real Bhava (presence) or with true emotion and devotion. One who does prayer with humility, love, devotion and faith can have dynamic life. Prayer is not the manifestation of aimless feelings. On the contrary, prayer is the best means to give proper shape to one’s feelings. With the proper and continuous habit of prayer, there would occur fewer and fewer mistakes in life, because by continuous prayer one is inspired to always have good thoughts.