Visual Chanting

Hari Om Yantra
Hari Om Yantra: A sheet with Hari Om written on it as many times as possible.

Visual Chanting
When not able to chant out loud, it is suggested to take a page of paper and write out Hari Om as many times as possible on it. Fill the page right up! This creates a powerful yantra or visual chant that you can afterward place on a wall as a special reminder. Such a piece of paper filled with the name of God has special properties. It will reinforce and protect you. It can’t hurt and it is a far superior option to simply doodling!

This process of visual chanting or writing down the name of God repetitively helps to develop personal concentration. It helps you to intensify your relationship to God in a very immediate manner. It does create an inner presence and a sense of being conscious on a deeper level.

It would be an excellent spiritual accomplishment to make one page each day for an extended period of time. It truly is a very valid form of sadhana (spiritual development work) and will bring a special presence and light into your life.
In the example shown above the words Hari Om are written in Hindi, but it would be just as valid to write them out in English or any other language.

When you complete a page of visual chanting you have a concrete manifestation of your prayer and your spiritual vibrations. The more pages you do, the more proof you will have.

Hari Om!