The Chanting Experience

The Chanting Experience,

Robin Armstrong after 13 months of chanting in solitude and darkness

by Robin Armstrong

At first one is inclined to think critically about the effects of chanting and to de-personalize its significance. “Oh, it’s just another thing that one can do, if one is so inclined.” This is how we are likely to approach it. Unfortunately as long as we speculate or intellectualize about the process we are actually closing the door to it.
The real value of chanting needs to be experienced first hand. Its reality transcends mental definition. Little does the thinker imagine that chanting the name of God is really being with God! It seems impossible until one tries it. As one chants, one undoes the mind and opens to individual soul to the reality of Oneness. Oneness is really real! It is not a concept but the essence of Being.
The more one chants and establishes a regular habit of doing so, the more one lets go of limiting thought forms, and the more one begins to trust in the experience of Godhead or Oneness. Trust will dissolve the negative thought forms and doubts that diminish one’s relationship to God. Trust is the foundation of a living relationship to God. God and his name are One. Hari Om.