Vision of Life Eternal

Vision of Life Eternal

By Mota Maharaj

Pujya Sree Mota Maharaj
Pujya Sree Mota Maharaj

Be Introspective Exclusively

An excerpt from Hari Om Vision of Life Eternal, P.97-98, by Mota MaharajMota’s Website:

When a keen consciousness of this jiva arises in your heart, it creates an emotional surge, but it is dissipated. That is why you have been asked to pay attention exclusively to the remembrance (of God). Give up altogether your habit of comparing yourself with others. That habit always makes you unhappy and depressed. Moreover, don’t brood over such thoughts as “This shows I am unfit for sadhana.” You must free yourself from this increasing inferiority complex that has infected you. There could be many other causes of your inferiority complex, but your habit of thinking of others as more advanced in sadhana than you is the primary cause. Instead of nursing such negative thoughts, you must take the positive view that you too can reach a very high state, if only you would arouse your spirit. If you don’t come out of your hesitation and doubt by your own effort, who else can bring you out? Instead of thinking of yourself and your own progress in sadhana, you persist in the thought of being like someone else.  That desire has to be completely brushed aside. It is from your own self and not from any other’s, that something — that which is ONE — will rise up and permanently manifest itself in and through you. You should cease to be dismayed over such unnecessary and harmful thoughts as comparing your sadhana to some one else’s.
There is something else you must not forget. It is impossible to correctly evaluate the progress of anybody’s sadhana from his visible physical efforts. Sadhana is really a question of the inner progress of the soul, impossible to estimate from tangible appearances. Hence, we can never know the stage of a sadhak in his quest for Life Eternal. If you form any judgment of others in this matter, you are likely to do injustice to yourself and thus invite disappointment unnecessarily. You must repeatedly remember to turn all judgment and extroverted tendencies into introspection.
The stage of spiritual evolution of a person, moreover, is not that important. What is important is our desire to press forward — to constantly observe our own drawback, to make efforts to be free from them, and to pray to God to help us in this matter.

An excerpt from Hari Om Vision of Life Eternal, P.98-99, by Mota MaharajMota’s Website:

I have asked you to resort to the sadhana of (God’s or Guru’s) remembrance. While doing it, you must make it a point to dedicate all you do to the feet of the Lord. The more introspective — with devotion and spiritual wisdom — you can be and remain, the better for you.
There is another means of sadhana — that of prayer. You may resort to it also. If I don’t write to you explicitly and definitely about (your) meditation, you will at once begin to weave the tangled web of thoughts like “This means a vote of censure on me (about meditation)’ Let me, therefore, say this. Continue meditation only if you find that constructive qualities — awareness, concentration, peace, cheerfulness, detachment, equipoise and patience — are growing in you through it. But if you find that this particular form of sadhana not only does not help you, but, on the contrary, hinders your progress, it is best to scrap it. But before doing so, we must find out whether the fault lies in us. Our desire to do it may be luke warm or our method of doing it may be wrong. In either case, we must learn the art of doing that sadhana in the right spirit and method. Rarely is any kind of sadhana itself wrong.
It is indeed necessary to know (from the Guru) the form of sadhana and the ways and means of doing it. But from then on, it is the sadhak himself who has to put it into practice by self-effort. The idea that someone else (such as the Guru) will carry us along each and every step on the path of our sadhana is entirely fanciful. No Guru will ever do it. Only after a desire for a particular sadhana arises in our own hearts, does the Guru show us the method of its performance. Then we must continue that form of sadhana ourselves. This is the only way to do any sadhana.