This is My Belief

This is My Belief,  by Susan Vandewater
That there is a universal mesmerism, a kind of thought-soup, that surrounds us in the same way that the ocean surrounds a piece of seaweed.  Our thoughts are nothing but the reception of signals from this substance.  Our thoughts are not our own.  We are pushed and pulled in all directions by this universal mesmerism or mass hypnosis.  It is another facet of the all-pervading illusion.  Not only is the visible, material world maya or illusion, our very thoughts, and their corresponding emotions, are also illusion.  They weigh down on us on all sides from the ocean of mortal mind or mass hypnosis.
Our thoughts are not our own.  They are the substance of a dream picture which is projecting itself all around us.  This accounts for the psychic phenomena and telepathy which we all experience in varying degrees.
When we recognize that this outer “reality” and the thoughts and emotions which contribute to this reality are but facets of a huge dream in which we are all dream characters, then we have taken a major step in freeing ourselves, or awakening, from the illusion.  The recognition that “hey, these are not my thoughts or emotions — I’m being sucked into the vortex of the dream here”, is the first step on the road to personal freedom and self-actualization.
(Self-actualization is another whole topic which I am struggling with in my own personal life.)
Hari Om,

The Hindu symbol for Om, the Name of God.