The State of Being, continued

The State of Being, continued

Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj
Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj

By Mota Maharaj
(Translated by Pratapbhai Upadhyaya, edited by Robin Armstrong)

36. When the feeling of being prevails in the heart,
All about, one will have the profound taste of perfection in the inner being.

37. In all and everything, in spite of the apparent ugliness,
One will see beauty over-flowing there.

38. All the dealings of the world will be filled with cheerfulness;
Such is the impact and power of the State of Being.

39. The State of Being is the end of the consciousness’s manifestation,
The State of Being is filled to the brim with Total Void.

40. Naught in life is unknown to the Being.
With a little contact, it comprehends everything down to its root.

41. Knowledge is contained in the Being.
Devotion is complete in the Being.
Action is born of the State of Being,
Thus is the being the confluence of
— the Triune – knowledge, devotion, action.

42. From some unspeakable plane springs forth the State of Being,
And in makes deep repeated impact on nature,

43. As it often comes into contact with it,
This constant contact undoubtedly has its influence on nature.

44. This constant contact will transform Nature.

45. The Self is without form.
It manifests as the unassuming State of Being,

46. When the State of Being becomes total and continuous in life,
It becomes indeed, the director of life.

47. For such a State of Being,
Nature becomes the proper medium in life,

48. An aspirant therefore should strive for the emergence
Of the State of Being earnestly in life.

49. One should practise Sadhana with steadfastness in the heart,
So that the State of Being gets intense
And it manifests vigorously.

50. Actions are necessary for the being to take shape,
One should perform all actions to propitiate God.

51. When the Being is dripping Himself
Through the set work at hand,
The work at once turns into sacrifice.

52. The work done in the sacrificial spirit,
Though of Nature
The State of Being plays an important role.

53. The Work is but an empty vessel to let
The State of Being descend,
The work indeed is the fit receptacle for the Being;
Work makes one float on the current of life.