Hari Om: Attitude of Witness

Hari Om

Attitude of Witness

by Mota Maharaj

(An excerpt from Hari Om Vision of Life Eternal, P.92, Karachi, Mar. 15, 1940)

Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj
Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj


Meditation teaches us to be an impartial observer or witness. We must see that the spirit of detachment remains with us during even our ordinary day-to-day living. Only when we are continuously detached for a long time, shall we be able to master the art and gain the power of becoming and remaining mentally aloof and calm, no matter what happens.
We must be like the businessman who profits from his business, adds his profit to his capital, and then increases his business by means of that enlarged capital. After we begin meditation, we should allow our God’s remembrance or chanting to continue as long as it goes on naturally. When meditation grows deep and this remembrance or chanting subsides and disappears, we should let it do so. We should never make any effort to cling to it. As we become more and more absorbed in meditation, any distracting remembrance of anything at all should not continue. It is essential that we remain completely silent but have lively consciousness in the heart.



Hari Om

Hari Om


Mota’s Aarati

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Translation of
(Om Sharan Charan Lejo, Prabhu Sharan Charan Lejo)

Om Grant me refuge under Thy (Lotus) feet;
Lord grant me refuge under Thy (Lotus) feet.
Save this fallen one (2)
by grasping his arm and behold in your heart……Om Grant.

May the subtle feelings of mind and speech,
descend in action too, O! Lord (2)
Let the mind, speech and heart (2)
get unified as one with your Grace……Om Grant.

With all whom am I connected,
emanate goodwill in my heart, O! Lord (2)
Even where insults have been hurled (2)
let goodwill enhance there too……Om Grant.

To transform the baser instincts,
to sublimed-form, O! Lord (2)
With your grace am I able to strive (2)
to grasp Thy (Lotus) feet……Om Grant.

All the mental thoughts,
And vital instincts, O! Lord (2)
All of the doubts of Brain (2)
get dissolved at your lotus feet……Om Grant.

Whatever is am I at heart, O! Lord
May I appear as I am, O! Lord (2)
Keep my senses alert (2)
so candidly truthful be my utterance. …..Om Grant.

If the heart is harboring something,
than nothing contrary to that, O! Lord (2)
Ever happens through me (2)
bestow me, with such a sense. …..Om Grant.

Wherever do I see the noble qualities and fine humane feelings
may there my heart experience the tranquil contentment O! Lord (2)
Pray thy devotion founded on noble qualities and humane feeling (2)
do germinate in this heart of mine……Om Grant.

Let the mind , senses and vital, O! Lord!
get dissolved in fervour of devotion to Thee. O! Lord (2)
May thy devotion in this heart (2)
surge-up, like the splashing waves……Om Grant.

Pujya Sri Mota