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Hari Om

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Hari Om

These are some of the ways to chant Hari Om. They have been recorded across the duration of a 56 day liquids only fast.

It is suggested that you chant along with them.

These chants are simple recordings of voice chanting and hand clapping. The chants contain a trance like intensity. They are meant as guides to learning how to chant. To experience the intensity of the chants it is suggested that you chant out loud along with the recording. This will enhance your experience.

These chants were done over the period of a 56 day liquids only fast. in March and April 1999.

Tracks 1 to 4 contain the same basic chant “Hari Om” with different hand clappings. The different clappings bring unique feelings to the chant and help to increase concentration. Try it and you will see for yourself.

Tracks 5 to 8 are a radically different kind of chanting. The chant is still “Hari Om” but it is chanted according to the order and sequence of the I Ching. The I Ching is a mystical language that stands at the heart of Chinese metaphysics. The main foundation is that everything in life changes and the nature of change is dual (Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, light and dark, creative and receptive,  etc. ).

“Om” is used for Yang and “Hari” for Yin. These names of God are repeated in the sequence of the I Ching as a blessing for the world. It blesses both ancestors and the seasons. It also stretches the influence of the chanting deeper into the workings of the mind. This helps to expand ones inner experience. Try to keep up with it!

Hari Om


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