The State of Being

Pujya Sree Mota Maharaj
Pujya Sree Mota Maharaj

The State of Being

By Mota Maharaj
(translated by Pratapbhai Upadhyaya, edited by Robin Armstrong)

76.    There are different levels of the State of Being,
one superior to the other.
Only the realized One can have the awareness
and appreciation of them all.

77.    When it becomes continuous and intense,
When it becomes completely perfect,
one reaches the State beyond all Being.

78.    The State of Being is totally submerged in itself.
There is no other existence in the State except the State of Being.

79.    As one remains totally  absorbed in the Being in the heart,
The work that comes at hand is done effortlessly by him.

80.    Though he attaches all importance to the Being,
He can yet have the awareness of going through the work.

81.    Just as It does have forms, though formless;
The experienced one can handle work in life,
doing it skillfully and yet not doing it.

82.    What a glimpse of Being in the Heart,
so essential and original,
each one newer than and superior to the other.
83.    When the Being becomes continuous at heart,
what newer and subtler realms unfold then to our sight!

84.    There is an extra-ordinary State of Being running straight through them all;
there too, are many realms original, all different from one another.

85.    The realms of Being are all too inconceivable and inscrutable.
They make themselves felt in the continuous State of Being.

86.    The power of those subtle and divine realms is all itself, matchless and unique.

87. The art and beauty of each State of Being is different.
Oh! that ultimate State of Being is beyond description.

88.    How  blest I feel, in the heart, to have the State of Being!
I bow often to the Being with love and  gratitude.