First Meeting With Pujya Shree Mota

A smiling Mota Maharaj
A smiling Mota Maharaj

First Meeting With Pujya Shree Mota, by Himanshu Bhavsar

Pujya Shree Mota is a well-known preacher in the province of Gujarat in India. He born on the 4th September 1898. After a long-term of devotion to God, he started Hari Om Ashram at Nadiad in Gujarat in the year of 1955 A.D. At that time Pujya Mota was not very popular. He started social activities like building rooms for primary schools in villages, giving grants to students, scientists etc. Now I will tell about first meeting of my grandfather late Mr. Chandulal Bhavsar who was a famous advocate in Ahmedabad city.

During his life he visited the temple of Lord Shree Krishna at Dakor near Nadiad on every full moon day. Once when he was in that temple in front of the idol of Lord Krishna, he saw live picture of Pujya Mota in that idol and Pujya told him to visit his Ashram at Nadiad.

So my grandpa found that place in the evening and he was surprised, Pujya Mota was standing at the door of Ashram with lantern and he welcomed him saying “ I am waiting for you after I told you in the temple to come here”. Thus my grandpa understood that this is not a normal person but he is an experienced and devoted preacher. After that our family received the grace of Pujya Mota at each and every occasion.