A Prayer

Pujya Shree  Mota Maharaj
Pujya Shree Mota Maharaj

A Prayer

by Shri Mota Maharaj

Take me Lord! Under Thy wing
As mother bird her fledgling.
Stretch Thy gracious saving hand
To redeem this fallen soul.

The noble thoughts I think,
The brave words I speak,
Let them be revealed in action;
Make my mind, words, and heart unified.

For all whom fate has cast me with,
Let my heart be filled with love,
Though insults are hurled,
Let my love flow to them.

Let me struggle hard to raise
The lower urges that drag me down;
Thy grace alone can help me there
And to come under your protection.

Let the lower impulses of the mind,
Wicked surges of the vital self,
Distracting doubts of the intellect
Be dissolved into
Willing submission to Thee.

Oh Lord! Let me look as I am,
Let my mind be opened fully
So that, I look as I am.

Let nothing discordant with
The lofty things I cherish
Be done by me in word and deed.
Lord give me that strength of will.

Let my heart have reverence deep
For all where virtue, love reside,
Let my heart run to all
That is virtuous and the devotional.

And this to crown them all;
Merge my mind and heart,
My body and soul
In the great ocean of love That Thou  really art,
And raise white heaving waves in me
Of devotion for Thee in my heart.